General Works: How We Do It



Mutual incentives to succeed

Through ‘framework agreements’, we also fulfil contracts based on partnering. Partnering involves mutual benefit – a common desire to trim upfront and office costs, cut waste, boost productivity and then, through open, transparent working practices, share the benefits.

Experience shows that applying these principles often leads to the formation of long-term business relationships based on trust, quite different from the old-fashioned way of doing business, characterised by disputes, claims and counter-claims.

Working confidently and effectively within every field, we firmly unite our high quality, top value delivery with our clients’ and partners' business goals and strategies.

The links below will take you to the websites of a few companies we are proud to work with.

Property Care Association 

Safeguard Chemicals

Newton Waterproofing




Making a Difference

We are proactive in our approach and seek to collaborate with our clients at all times to deliver projects on time and within budget whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

We understand the importance of continuous improvement and that it covers a wide span of management systems and disciplines. At General Works we have membership, affiliation and accreditations associated to the following organisations;

Property Care Association