General Works: How We Do It



The right people, the right approach

When you employ the best people, you get the best results.

Our people are well trained, qualified and motivated: many have been with us for decades. Furthermore, we are committed to continuous investment in training and development to extend their skills and capabilities. To maintain our large, directly employed workforce, we operate an apprenticeship scheme which delivers a stream of successful trades people, year in, year out.

There’s also a wider team at work on your behalf, including a network of tried and tested suppliers and sub-contractors. They share our pride in a job well done.


Making a Difference

We are proactive in our approach and seek to collaborate with our clients at all times to deliver projects on time and within budget whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

We understand the importance of continuous improvement and that it covers a wide span of management systems and disciplines. At General Works we have membership, affiliation and accreditations associated to the following organisations;

Property Care Association